Brain Burger with Extra Pus

brain burger
 Simpsons superfans will no doubt immediately understand where the idea for this recipe came from – in the scene from the Season 6 episode ‘Itchy & Scratchy Land’ in which the Simpsons visit a restaurant within the theme park. While ordering, Bart’s request for a ‘brain burger with extra pus’ is mistaken for yet another example of his incorrigible smartarsery, until he points out that the restaurant’s shtick lies in furnishing ordinary menu items with grotesque names – a brain burger, then, is just a cheeseburger; So even though the show itself explicitly states that the brain burger does not, in fact, contain brains, I thought, fuck it, I’m doing it for real – though you’ll be pleased to note I drew the line at the inclusion of extra pus.


PUS (a.k.a. Aji Verde – Peruvian green chilli sauce)

–          2 large green chillies

–          ½ bunch coriander leaves

–          1 garlic clove

–          2 tbsp grated parmesan cheese

–          1 tbsp olive oil

–          1 tsp white vinegar

–          Juice from ½ a lime

–          1 tbsp mayonnaise

–          Pinch of salt and black pepper

This sauce kicks arse! It’s bright and punchy, spicy and creamy. And it’s fantastic with anything fried. Simply put everything in a food processor and blitz.


–          3-4 lamb brains

–          500 mls buttermilk

–          2 cups Plain flour

–          1 Salt

–          Vegetable oil for frying

Rinse the brains in cold running water, then soak in buttermilk for half an hour or so. Combine the salt and flour, then dredge the brains in the seasoned flour. Heat the oil to 180 degrees, then lower the brains in and cook for 5-10 minutes, or until golden and crispy. Remove from the oil and leave to drain on some absorbent paper towel.


–          Bacon

–          Tomato

–          Lettuce

–          Cheese

So, the million dollar question – was it disgusting? Let’s just say that if you aren’t a fan of brains in the first place, this burger probably isn’t going to convert you. If, however, you’re a fan, or even just someone willing to try new things, then I think it might be right up your alley. For one thing, there is some great textural elements here, there are a lot of familiar burger elements, with the cheese, the tomato, lettuce and bacon, and the sauce is absolutely delicious. Give it a try!


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